We are a boutique Law Firm dedicated to providing legal services for private individuals and highly-developed organisations. We assist, advise and act on behalf of natural persons who wish to exercise their rights, creative individuals who want to share their vision with the world and companies looking for new solutions and paths of development. With our support, our clients can focus on what they do best. We believe that law should be a tool which reinforces the position of our clients rather than a problem which keeps them awake at night.




We base our settlements on transparency and clear cost evaluation criteria. We do not want such issues to interfere with the mutual relations built with our client. No two cases are the same and no two clients are the same. As every case needs to be individually adjusted, we offer flexible settlements which meet the needs of individual clients. They include flat-rate remuneration for handling the case and preparing necessary documents, settlements based on a hourly rate which reflect the time spent on a given case, a mixed (flat-rate/hourly-rate) system and a success fee system. Our remuneration is always determined in advance in a transparent way.



All cases are catalogued in files. We add every document we prepare, as well as documents issued by other parties and courts to the case file. Our clients can monitor progress in the case and view the documents at any time.


The idea behind establishing our Law Firm was to offer professional legal assistance to facilitate our clients' continuous development and give them a peace of mind in any situation. While observing the continuous changes in broadly-defined law and how they are reflected in our reality, we have realised that an ordinary legal office is not enough. To be able to fully meet the needs and expectations of our clients, we need to offer more.


Our clients include business entities as well as private individuals facing the challenge of having to participate in legal proceedings. Irrespective of whether this involves stating one's case before a civil court, the need to defend oneself before a criminal court or participation in proceedings involving public administration bodies, our Law Firm offers substantive support and legal assistance throughout the proceedings. Our team has experience and accomplishments in handling proceedings before civil courts, especially with regard to debt collection, contract performance, defence against unjustified claims and pursuing due compensation. We participate in proceedings related to family and guardianship law, helping our clients deal with the process of getting a divorce, claiming alimony or child support and establishing contact with minor children. We defend our clients in criminal proceedings, including economic and tax-related cases. We have extensive experience in representing clients in criminal cases before common and military courts. We have also worked on the other side, as the auxiliary prosecutor's representative. Dealing with administrative cases is one of the areas our Law Firm specialises in. We represent our clients before public administration bodies and self-government bodies, as well as at the preparatory stage of court and administrative proceedings – before appearing before provincial administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.


As part of our criminal law practice, we defend our clients at all stages of the proceedings. We approach all cases individually, to provide the suspect or defendant accused of a crime or offence with a sense of security and ensure the right protection of their interests. Each action we take is directed at the overarching objective, which is to prove the innocence of our client. If this is not possible, we act to minimise the legal consequences faced by the defendant or the accused to the furthest possible extent. We also act as the auxiliary prosecutor's representative, supporting the victims in pursuing claims as part of criminal proceedings. In some cases, criminal proceedings are the most adequate tool for securing and pursuing the legal interests of our clients. We defend and represent victims not only before the police, prosecution and common courts, but also before the military police and military courts. While advising our clients on other matters, we pay particular attention to the potential criminal law aspects of their actions.


Making a decision to start one's own business activity and taking one's first steps in the world of business can be a difficult and overwhelming task. We know something about it, we've been there, done that. That is why we appreciate the courage and ambition of creative individuals who take the initiative to present their products and services to the world, whether it's a software developer or a foreigner wanting to expand their area of activity in Poland. As part of the services provided, we offer all-round advisory services in the scope of acquiring enterprises (including trading companies) and ongoing operation of business entities. Such services – depending on the specific needs of individual clients – should help them start their business activity in a dynamic and professional way, make business operations easier and reduce the related risk and ensure the company's dynamic and efficient growth. We provide advice and prepare documents so that business entities can function in a stable, safe and predictable manner for their managers and owners. We organise meetings of the governing bodies of companies, including general meetings of shareholders. We handle applications for entries to the National Court Register quickly and efficiently. We provide advice and represent our clients in business liquidation proceedings, including bankruptcy proceedings. We provide advice on choosing the right type of business activity and provide a full range of services related to the establishment of the selected legal entity.


Cases related to the acquisition, use and trading in real property can be multidimensional and stretch across various areas of law. Completion of a construction project without knowing the required procedures and necessary documents can unbearably time-consuming; no one likes to get unpleasant surprises when a plot of land they have been using for many years turns out not to be their property; industrial equipment found on land property does not have to just mean liability, but it also gives us specific privileges. Due to common difficulties in regulating the legal status of land and the complexity of such issues, our team offers comprehensive assistance at all stages of the process. We provide advice and participate in the preparation and performance of investment and construction projects. We represent our clients in a number of court and administrative proceedings, including property-related disputes, compensation, expropriation and usucaption. We participate in construction processes, as part of which we deal with issues related to obtaining necessary permits, including the terms of construction and land development and construction permits. Our expert knowledge in the area of spatial planning, administration and civil law issues enables us to handle cases related to industrial equipment and related easements.


We know that family-related cases mostly concern normal people and that a divorce is usually more than just a difficult decision. Our experience has shown us that our clients don't only need explanations of the consequences of their decisions, but they want to be sure that the choices they make are the right ones. We understand how important an individual approach to the case is, so that the emotional and financial costs borne by our clients are as low as possible. This is why we start our collaboration with an initial consultation to listen to and understand your needs and consequently to develop a joint strategy adjusted to specific objectives. In our opinion, a lawyer specialising in family law should not only demonstrate substantive knowledge, but also be well prepared psychologically to understand and support their clients, but also when it's necessary to keep a level head. Which is why depending on your needs on the one hand we aim to achieve a settlement at the pre-court stage, and on the other hand we are not afraid to go to court to fight to protect the interests of our client.

The Law Firm also keeps a blog dedicated to family law. Please feel free to read it, ask us questions and leave comments:


Our clients can count on our support with taking care of all formalities related to broadly-defined succession law. We advise clients who have acquired rights to inheritance, as well as individuals who would like to get their affairs in order in case of death and to provide their loved ones with some financial security and protection against any possible claims concerning a share in the estate. That is why we advise on how to write a will, acquire rights to inheritance and how to divide the estate, and at the same time how to protect the heirs from acquiring indebted estate. The office also provides assistance in the scope of repayment of shares in the estate, debarment from succession and execution of wills and instructions.

To meet the needs of our clients, we also offer legal assistance to individuals residing outside Poland who have acquired inheritance here and need comprehensive legal assistance to handle all the related formalities without having to travel to Poland.


Debt constitutes an important area of our legal activity. Many entrepreneurs have to deal with unreliable counterparties who are in arrears in payments. Private individuals also encounter dishonest debtors, who avoid making repayments. This is why as part of our debt management services we help our clients recover amounts due to them. We provide comprehensive services, from amicable debt collection, to court proceedings, to enforcement proceedings. In agreement with the client we establish an individual action plan for a given case to ensure the fastest and most efficient debt recovery. We respond competently to the debtors' actions aimed at preventing the recovery of debts by our clients.
However, this area of our activity is not restricted to debt collection. It also covers protecting our clients against unjustified claims. We also help our clients with the restructuring of their debts and renegotiating of the debt repayment terms.


We value a personal relationship with the client. During our collaboration we want the client to get to know all the partners to be able to contact them if needed. In this way we build a relationship based on trust and security in knowing that your case is in good hands, which is extremely important in a relationship between the attorney and the client.

Joanna Szewczyk-Stępień

Joanna Szewczyk-Stępień

Attorney at Law

    Specialises in civil, economic and family law. Has extensive experience in handling divorce and alimony/child support cases. Actively involved in the complex subject of the parent - child relationship, which is evidenced in her blog, where she analyses and proposes solutions to efficiently enforce parental authority.
    Provides ongoing legal assistance to business entities. Successfully represents clients in court proceedings, cases related to debt collection and succession law. Joanna gained her experience during apprenticeships at renowned legal offices in Kraków specialising in international and civil law.

    Maciej Szkutnik

    Maciej Szkutnik

    Attorney at Law

      Specialises in civil and economic law. His professional interests include, in particular, real property-related issues. Successfully represents natural and legal persons in court and administrative proceedings. Moreover, provides ongoing legal assistance to business entities, including companies operating internationally. Completed apprenticeships at the British - Polish Chamber of Commerce and the Honorary Consulate of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Volunteered at the Akademia Iuris Foundation, which offers free legal assistance. Held the post of the Vice President of the Review Committee of the University Law Clinic run by a student association.

      Karol Szczurek

      Karol Szczurek

      Attorney at Law

        Specialises in criminal law and real property-related matters. Has extensive experience in representing clients in court proceedings. Also involved in debt collection cases. Completed an apprenticeship at a renowned Kraków legal office specialising in criminal and civil law. A particular area of his professional interest is administrative proceedings, which he engages in while representing clients before public administration bodies and administrative courts. Earned a doctoral degree at the Department of Administrative Proceedings and Administrative Jurisdiction at the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics of the University of Wrocław, where he also run classes for Law and Administration students.


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